Precinct Committeemen


Our Precinct Committeemen are the lifeblood of the Democratic Party

SY1 Precinct Committeeman Jose Hernandez and his family


They are the elected and appointed officials that act as liaisons between the people and their representatives. Their responsibilities include:

  • Informing their precinct of their party’s candidates
  • Registering new voters
  • Identifying party members
  • Recommending poll workers
  • “Get out the vote” campaigns
  • Holding/leading a precinct caucus every spring of a presidential election year
  • Attending legislative district party meetings
Also, in order to become a Committee Chair for the party you need to be a Precinct Committeeman, and elected Precinct Committeemen are the only ones who are able vote for the party’s chair.
If you’re interested in becoming a Precinct Committeeman, let us know! 
If you just want to get more involved in your party, contact your Precinct Committeeman today.

AF01 –

CL01 – Courtney Scheutt

CO01 – Broch Meyer

CO02 – Richard Schmack

CO03 – Nathaniel Birr

CO04 – Carmen Polvere

CO05 – Josh Orr

CO06 – Randi Olson

CO07 – Mark Pietrowski

CO08 – Dave Lesorgen

DK01 – Misty Haji-Sheikh

DK02 – Susanna Herrman

DK03 – Carole Minor

DK04 – Deona Broger

DK05 – Meryl Domina

DK06 – Shannon Stroger

DK07 – Julie Rogers

DK08 – Stephen Reid

DK09 – Marjorie Askins

DK10 – Jim Luebke

DK11 – Pat Vary

DK12 – Chris Porterfield

DK13 – Paul Stoddard

DK14 – Don Williams

DK15 – Penny Malone

DK16 – Kathy Ladell

DK17 – Steve Kapitan

DK18 – Sue Willis

DK19 – Laurie Avalon

DK20 – Nick Lahey

DK21 – Scott McAdams

DK22 – Brian Grant

DK23 – Vern Del Johnson

DK24 – Craig Roman

DK25 –

GE01 – John J. Wett

GE02 – Christi Slavenas

KI01 – Brian Crowley

MA01 – Fred Hall

MF01 – Carolyn Beth Morrie

MI01 –

PI01 – Matt Swanson

PP01 – Dave Rathke

SA01 –

SA02 –

SA03 –

SA04 –

SA05 –

SG01 –

SH01 – David C. Simpson

SO01 – Mike Hentschel

SQ01 –

SY01 – Jose Hernandez

SY02 –

SY03 –

SY04 – Jackie Schmack

SY05 – Eric H. Schmack

SY06 – Virginia Sherrod

SY07 –

SY08 –

SY09 –

SY10 – Jody Newman Ryan

SY11 –

VI01 –